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Billion Jiadi February shipments hit a historical high.

View: Date:2016-3-29 18:00:47

The evening of February 29th 22:28, with the last car sent to Jilin transportation car factory district, in February the company completed a total of 202 units shipped. Overfulfiled the target, which is the company since its inception, the highest record over the same period.

At the beginning of this year, the company has ushered in the first wave of delivery peak, for safe and efficient finish production tasks, the company held a number of departments responsible person for meeting, made careful plans and arrangements for the production, sales, procurement, R & D and other. Company production line employees to overcome caused by the impact of the Spring Festival holiday time is short, the task is heavy and many other difficulties, overtime, adhere to fight in the front line of production, with high production efficiency, to ensure the production of safe and orderly operation.

Spring is the year of the year. After the Spring Festival, in flavor scumble, warm and peaceful Spring Festival had finished, broad farmer friends began busy, affected by the national policy guidance, throughout the year, agricultural machinery sales season than in previous years ahead of the arrival. To protect the user demand, all company staff all rushed to the market, users of the urgency, the user would like to think, with their practical actions and enthusiastic service to win the majority of dealers and users of the trust and praise. In order to guarantee the production requirement, arrange to the important parts manufacturers at night and day, an important part of the production quality, ensure the delivery.

After the holidays, leading the company to take the lead to stick to their posts, management system and production system to the majority of employees also give up off-duty, adhere to the normal work, company under the concerted, unremitting efforts, overcome difficulties, together to create the highest since the establishment of the company in a period of delivery. In the future the company all staff will continue to carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, unity and hard work, and strive for the completion of the annual production and management objectives.

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